Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i m back


currently having one month break..
which i decided to come back malaysia..

i m a good child now..
everyday stay at home..
i dont feel like going out..
stress of my study result, my weight, my face and etc..

that the reason why i dun wan go out..
but some of my friend dun understand it..
and say sumthing that hurt me..
if u r my friend u should understand it..

ps: left one week more den i will be back..

Monday, May 2, 2011


afternoon guys (=.=)

i just woke up which i get shock from my dream again..

recently my mood is so unstable..

being emo for three days edi..

what happened to me??

it is so hard to smile from the heart now..

but i need to smile with it to reduce the worries..

sometime i feel i m reli a dumb or what..

how come i cant control my emotion??

i m trying myself to be happy..

just give me some times..

i will let it go and be a new and fresh gal..

i think so??

emo is one part of my life nw

ps: who m i nw?

Friday, April 22, 2011


bed time story ( T______T )

status for last week: not good at all

had exam for since last week until this tuesday...

this is the worst exam i had...

no confidence at all..

i miss the time life in pass..

my friends, my darling, my parent, my studies..

and.. all my result for this exam is suck..


i reli dunno hw..

my tear come out when i think about it..

need time to adjust myself..


i need to work harder to cover back what i have done..

after crying i feel better=)

mm.. i m having holiday now..

one week holiday..

after the break i need to focus in study edi..

no more joke in my life!!!!!!!


and i m going to melbourne tomorrow..

5 days 4 night..

with my darling eva and eeleen..

miss you all.. muask...

i wanna fly

mm.. easter day is coming soon...

i want easter egg =)

ps: sometime i feel speechless..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


afternoon (u)

guess, where i am??

in library..

so tired..

today i skip my class..

i dont know why i cant wake up??

maybe is too tired..

mm.. waiting my lovely jie jie in the library..

still got one more week to suffer..

mid exam !

i still have 3 more subject..

sob sob..

i am hungry now..

waiting my friend to bring lunch box for me..


salad is my lunch for today =) yum yum =)

my darling eva say today will make some dessert for us??

cake?? egg tart?? not sure yet..

but for sure it taste yummy=)

mm.. should i dye my hair?? i think my mom is going to kill me =)

i bought one bubble type for dying my hair..

color: mocha =)

wanna look mature abit..

more no kids =)

cant imaging after i dye my hair=)

ps:나를 축복 해 줘요

Sunday, April 10, 2011

there is still a long way to go

midnight (u)

status: after exam - moody
after dinner - getting better
after talk with my mom - much better

mm.. i had my first exam today..

which i cant do my test at all..

no confidence at all when doing the question..

not sure with the amount for all the answer..

so confused..

what so ever..

i'm give up..

no want care about it anymore..

during the exam.. my stupid stomach keep on screaming=.='''

it really so embarrassed.. and that person whose sitting beside me was staring at me..

as my sweeties know that my mood is down..

they bring me to south bank for dinner..

environment : 5 star

it is a good place for couple for dating..


so romantic!!!

at there you can try any food that you like

italian food, japan food, western food, turkish food.

we went 3 restaurant today..

1. pancake restaurant ( i love the pancake and the waffle that i odder)
2. italian restaurant ( garlic prawn pasta and chicken risotto)
3. bubble tea shop

at the end, my mood turn better after i ate all the sweet stuff..

only for today

thank to my sweeties (eva &eeleen)..

mm..i called my mom today..

long time didn't chit chat with her d..

mis her so much..

luv u..

i miss your voice

ps: is time for me to sleep nw..

Friday, April 8, 2011

24 hours

evening again(u)

hehe.. i just finished my dinner..

today.. our dinner is homemade sushi and seaweed soup..



we cook too much until we cant finish it..

we total made up 8 roll of sushi..

how are we going to finish it???????

ting tong ting tong...

Jie Jie gave all the sushi to Mr. C. E

hehe.. i think you know who's the person i am talking now..


i m a real sushi sushi

end story..

now.. i left within 24 hours to study my ACCT3102..

do u think i can pass??

hope the question will be easy like the tutorial question..

pray for me, my dear..

i need your luck.. give me all yours luck..

i am afraid now..

i cant imagine it

ps: going to be panda tonight? not sure yet !!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

rendang chicken by Ee leen

evening (u)


today i m off to cook..


because i m having exam on this satursday..

so, my housemate eeleen will cook for me today...


i have been cook since i move in the house until nw..

today i m going to sit down and eat only..

not going to do anything at all..

thank to jie jie..

but, sound like the rendang chicken didn't cook well..

hehe.. but.. i will give her 5 star..

give her a applause...


i hate exam..

my brain cant work properly because of that..

going crazy soon..

pray for me, my dear..

i dont want to be a mad crazy girls..

i wanna be like him

ps: going to sleep with the ACCT book